Welcome to the Swinging Gardens of Babylon!

We are happy to offer a large selection of fully equipped rooms where your produce can reproduce!


The mating process is simple, just select 2 parents (of different species), and send them both in a single transaction with 4 ADA to the specified address (you can find it at the bottom of this page).

After the juicy love session,  an offspring will be produced randomly (each pair of parents have 3 possible offspring variants). The offspring will then be delivered to you, both of your parents NFTs will be marked as used (parents can only be used once in the machine), and ~2 ADA will be returned. 


  • Both NFTs have to be sent in a single transaction with at least 4 ADA. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t use Yoroi or ADAlite.

  • The breeding process requires only covering the cost of minting offspring and updating parents. You will send 2 NFTs with 4 ADA, and you will get back ~2 ADA back with 3 NFTs.

  • If you send less ADA, or wrong amount of NFTs or wrong NFTs, everything will be returned to you, minus the fee.

  • If you are not sure which pair of parents would produce beautiful babies, check "Meet the babies page" for a preview.

  • If you buy parents from secondary market make sure that they do not have "I GOT LAID" sticker and meta data entry as these can't be used for breeding anymore.


If you are ready to book the room, please send your parents to this address: